Trump: ‘I have to fight for my country and I have to win’

The president on Wednesday slammed the press for the “very dishonest” story that his administration has been under attack by the media and Republicans over, as he told his flock on his first full day in office.

“I have had to fight my whole life to make this country great again.

And I have had a very, very, dishonest press,” Trump said at the annual Religious Right conference in Washington.

“So it’s not that they don’t like me, they just hate me and they just don’t give a s— about me.

They want to get rid of me.

I can’t do that.

I have got to fight.”

“They don’t want me to do my job and I’ve got to do it.

They are against me.

The media is against me.”

Trump said he wants to be a “great president” for the country and he hopes the press doesn’t “treat me like this.”

“I can’t control what the media says.

I am the media, I have the media to do what I want.

I do it myself,” Trump added.

“But they don.

They just don, and they are against us.”

“So I have a lot of respect for you people and the people of the press.

They have the right to tell you what they want to say,” he added.

The president has a long history of feuding with the press, and in a recent interview, he even went so far as to call CNN a “failing pile of garbage” for failing to report the fact that his first Cabinet nominee, retired Gen. John Kelly, was fired after just two weeks in office for sexual harassment allegations.

“That’s the greatest of all lies, the one about the media,” Trump told the network’s Jake Tapper.

“You have failed.

You have failed to report this story.

You can go out and do it all day long.

You want to do the job, I will do the jobs.”