Why Apple Spice Junction is a hot new cryptocurrency

Apple Spice junction is a cryptocurrency based on a unique combination of the spice, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger used in the spice blends of many Indian cuisines.

Apple Spice Junction will launch in the coming weeks, and is the first cryptocurrency in the ecosystem to be launched in India.

The coin is listed on the popular Indian exchange Bittrex.

The currency is available for purchase on Bittox, but its market capitalisation is currently over $10 million.

This is thanks to a lot of investment from large institutional investors.

This investment has enabled the startup to scale its business and launch its first commercial product.

Apple’s Spice Junction product was designed by Raghav Kothari, the founder of the online food delivery startup Fooddelivery.

This partnership has allowed Kothare to build a business with the support of large institutional investment.

The company has now started to ramp up its operations in India, and will continue to invest in new markets.

The startup plans to roll out Spice Junction to other Indian markets in the near future.