How to Make Your Own Blue Spice Dolls

Blue-eyed, white-haired, green-eyed and red-eyed blue-eyed dolls are a classic of the Indian beauty industry, and they are often sold in beauty stores and online, with an estimated market worth about $300 million. 

The dolls, known as ‘brahma dolls’ in the Indian market, are often seen in malls and malls across the country.

The dolls are manufactured with a high-temperature metal plate that has been coated in a yellow and red colouring, as well as a metal wire to allow for the wires to flex.

The wire can be pulled in and out of the plate to simulate the movement of a doll.

The plates are made from solid metal, which can be coated with a thin coating of a paint.

The doll’s legs are covered with an elastic band to hold the doll’s limbs in place while in use.

The doll’s hair is also painted and has a variety of colours.

The dolls come in a range of sizes and shapes, from medium to large, but can range in price depending on the style and colour of the doll. 

While the dolls are usually made in India, some other countries such as China and the United States are also producing blue-faced dolls. 

One of the most popular styles is known as the ‘bala doll’, which is made of a combination of blue and yellow.

The bala doll can be found in malls, in shops and in department stores, and is usually available in sizes ranging from small to medium.