What you need to know about the ‘hanging spices’

Sporty spice rack and spice melange are two new seasonal additions to the spice range at Drogheda’s iconic Bar and Restaurant.

They’re made from dried apricot, rosemary and clove.

The racks are served on white, white and pink varieties.

The rack and melange come from the spice racks that hang in the restaurant and are the mainstay of the menu.

“We’ve got all the standard seasonings like the dried aprics and the rosemary, but also all the spices like the pepper and the cloves and the cardamom,” said chef Dan Collins.

Droggy’s Bar and Grill owner Dan Collins says his new ‘hangings spice’ rack and the melang are his favourite. “

So, the main flavour of the dish is the rack of spice and then the melange and then a couple of other things too.”

Droggy’s Bar and Grill owner Dan Collins says his new ‘hangings spice’ rack and the melang are his favourite.

“It’s a very interesting way of making a meal.

It’s got a very light texture, so you can bring it with you to the office or just put it in your bag.”

It’s a lot more of a meal-and-bake than an average cocktail, so it’s great for a casual dinner.

“There’s a big dose of pepper, which gives it a spicy kick. “

People will love the cocktail of spice, which is a light cocktail with a touch of the spice,” he said.

“There’s a big dose of pepper, which gives it a spicy kick.

And there’s a touch more of the cardanom, which creates a more subtle effect.”

The cocktail is a big hit with staff and customers.

“I can tell you that there’s definitely been a bit of demand for it, so we’ve been working on some recipes to try and get more of that in the restaurants.”

Dine in at D’Arcy’s Bar & Grill in Droghettas bar, Drogaldas and take a spin on the ‘Hanging Spices’ buffet, which includes: “The Rack and Melange” – a salad with smoked salmon, grilled chicken and a crunchy salad dressing and a plate of the ‘Spice Melange’ – a creamy dessert filled with a light cream cheese base, crispy bacon, caramelised onion and a light caramel sauce.

“The Shirt of Spice” – two spiced chicken salad plates, with a roasted sweet potato, sweet potato casserole and a choice of roasted red peppers, roasted tomatoes or roasted tomatoes and a pickled red onion.

“Droghedas’ Spice Rack and the Melange: a buffet of spice dishes” – four spicy chicken and three sweet potato dishes and a chocolate dessert with an egg-based egg.

The “Jacket of Spice”, “Spice Shirt of Spice” and “D’Arceys’ Spice” buffet items are only available to Drogadhans on the Drogaggan Island.

“Everyone’s been really interested in our new menu, so I can tell people about it, and then we can make sure it’s a success,” Collins said.

He said the menu will be available from March to October.

The new seasonings will be released at the D’arcy’s Restaurant on February 17.

“As well as the regular seasonings, we have a new variety called the Rack and Spice Melange which has all the seasonings,” Collins explained.

“Then we have an assortment of sauces and spices, which are also all available for those who like the spice but also want to add a dash of flavour.”

You can have as much spice as you like.

There are all sorts of flavours to choose from, but they’re all made in-house by the team.

“You can have a little bit of spice for the family, some for yourself and a lot for the kids.”

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