‘Spice’ girls: I’m a star of my own show

In February, Spice Girls star Alyssa Edwards said she would be “happy to be a star” if asked to star in a show based on the Spice Girls, the hit 1980s American sitcom.

In May, the Spice girls star turned talk show host Jimmy Kimmel said he’d be interested in appearing on the show.

But a spokesperson for Kimmel said the comedian would “not be a part of the show unless it is a true story or something real.”

So far, only two other men have signed on as stars in the spinoff, which has been dubbed SpiceCabinet, which is set to premiere on Spike TV on March 11.ABC’s The View co-hosts Sarah Koenig and David Muir both have made cameo appearances in the show and have since been accused of plagiarizing some of the episodes.

“It’s a great, great show,” Kimmel said.

“If it can be as great as the first one, then it’s gonna be great.

It’s not the worst thing in the world.

It won’t be the worst show in the history of television, but it won’t always be a hit.”