Why a few of the country’s top restaurant and cocktail makers are taking on the Trump administration

It’s been a tumultuous week for some of the nation’s top culinary brands, including one that’s seen some of its biggest names take a stand against the president.

| AP PhotoThe Associated Press – SAN DIEGO (AP) It’s not just the names of the brands who are taking a stand.

And it’s not the only brand taking a jab at the president in the process.

The Associated Post reported on Tuesday that restaurants and cocktailmakers in Southern California are taking the lead in taking on Trump.

The companies include Dune Spice, which makes spicy ginger and spices like chili and chile pepper, and Ginger and Spice Rack, which is a chain of bars and restaurants in Southern Nevada.

“I have always been a supporter of the president, but I’m not going to stand for anything he says,” Ginger and Spicy Rack owner David Sauer said in a statement.

“If he wants to be the best, he should learn how to be humble.”

Dune Spice did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The AP also spoke to three other restaurateurs, who told the outlet that they were taking a different stance than the brands.

The names were not identified.

The Trump administration is weighing new restrictions on restaurants and bars that serve alcohol and is considering closing some to make room for new eateries, according to the AP.

Restaurants that have closed under previous administrations have had to open up again under Trump.

The new ban is expected to affect restaurants across the country.

The companies, which specialize in sweetened beverages, are known for their work in California, a state Trump carried during his campaign and presidency.

The Dune Spices in Los Angeles are among the nation�s top sellers of ginger and chili pepper.

The owners said they would be open for business and continue to serve customers in the future.

Dune Spicy is one of the largest and most well-known brands of spice in the world, which includes spice and spice mixers like Dune, Spice Rack and Spice Spicy.

The owner of Spice Spiced Bar, Mark Lopas, said he was not surprised that the ban was being considered.�I am very concerned about what we are doing,� Lopos said.

�It�s very concerning that it is being considered in a political climate that is very sensitive.�The ban comes as restaurants in the Golden State are facing more scrutiny for the number of illegal immigrants and the number who have been deported.

Some restaurants have been forced to close, including The Spice House, the largest bar and restaurant chain in California.