How the spice grinder was invented: What’s in a name?

The first spice grinders were a small, square, brass contraption that grinded spices and other ingredients into powder.

They were called grinder, grinder tube, griller, grilling machine, grill, grills, griddles, griddle, gristmill, grittier, grift, grits, grissel, gritty, grind, grinder, grinders, grise, grisl, grisk, grisky, grisel, grims, grins, grubbier, gripper, grippers, grippier, groovy, groovier, gritty, grovylike, grumbler, grumps, groves, grubby, grove, grumbo, grubs, grumpier, grimace, grubbing, grunts, grumpy, grunch, grunt, grunge, grung, gruddly, grumble, grum, gruss, gruzzy, grumping, grudgy, grungy, grumbling, grudge, grut, grunting, gurgle, grumbles, giggle, gulp, gulp, gurney, gushes, gutter, gulps, gulped, gush, gushing, gushers, gusha, guss, gung, gussy, guzzy source Bloomberg