Trump: “We’re getting into a whole new area” with the Iran deal

President Donald Trump is “getting into a new area with the nuclear deal,” he said during a news conference on Thursday.

“There is a new chapter.

We’re in a whole different area.”

Trump told reporters at the White House that he has asked Congress to pass a bill that would expedite the nuclear agreement with Iran.

The White House said the bill would be put before Congress by early December.

Trump also said that the United States will stop the production of plutonium for bombs under the deal.

“We will not be selling any more plutonium,” he told reporters.

The U.S. will be making the first-ever production of nuclear material, according to a White House statement.

“This is a major step in bringing the nuclear deterrent back to the United Nations Security Council,” Trump said.

“It’s a big deal.”

The United States has said it will not accept any nuclear materials from Iran that may be diverted for military purposes.

“The United States, in accordance with its treaty obligations, will not take any nuclear material from Iran,” Trump added.

Trump said the United State will continue to monitor Iran and will seek to work with its international partners.

“That will include Israel, who has an important security interest in Iran,” he added.

The administration also said the U.N. nuclear agency will continue its work to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

“Our diplomacy is working, our negotiations are working, and the world is watching,” Trump told the press.