When the cops come for your homemade spice, spice it up

By Jessica LohrerVice NewsA Texas man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly selling homemade spice candles and spices that he says were made by his grandmother.

The arrest came just days after a Texas man arrested for allegedly breaking into the home of his estranged wife and selling her homemade spice-filled candles.

A source tells ABC News that Robert Brown told police that his grandmother made homemade spice lamps and candles in the 1920s.

The source said Brown also admitted to breaking into a home in November and stealing a jar containing a small amount of peppermint and ginger.

He told police he also used the peppersmint and the ginger to make cinnamon candles and was in possession of other peppermint sticks.

A grand jury declined to indict Brown on charges of burglary and criminal mischief.

He has a court date on January 12.