Thai cuisine: The pho spice that is making a comeback

Aussie restaurants are serving up their latest Thai dish as they are in the process of opening up their kitchens to the public.

The popular dish, pho, is the result of a collaboration between Thai chef Phuket Sombatong, a member of the Cambodian national team, and his son, the Thai national team chef Prak Khatun.

Pho, or beef stew, is often used in Thailand as a main dish to complement the soup, and the beef stew is just one of many dishes that will be available in Pho.

“It is not a traditional dish, it’s a dish that people have adapted to and I’m trying to bring that to the world, and I think it’s going to be a great dish,” Phukets son said.

He said the beef was originally made from beef and rice and then mixed with chicken and then simmered in coconut milk.

“And then you can get the fish and the seafood, which are some of the most important things in Phogans culture,” he said.

“So this is a very local, local, indigenous, Thai dish that is going to make it even more popular in the next five years.”

In Thailand, phos are typically served in a bowl filled with rice and some rice, which is typically made with ground fish, shrimp, fish sauce and a bit of fish broth.

The dish is often served with a fried rice and sometimes a curry sauce, which may contain coconut milk and coconut meat.

Phak Nhan, a Phok province chef, said the dish was a tribute to his grandfather.

“We wanted to create a dish to make people remember Pho and his family and to honour him,” he told ABC News.

“His family are a very proud people, and they used to take this dish to the ocean to get a better fish,” he added.

Phok province has a thriving seafood industry and is known for its seafood restaurants, but its restaurants are not well known outside Phok and Bangkok.

“They are only a small portion of the Phoganese restaurants and I guess that’s a big part of why we are doing this and we’re trying to be more visible to the Thai people,” Phak said.

Phin said he hoped to take his grandfather’s idea and bring the dish to other provinces.

“He used to say that Phogang is like the kingdom of rice and the people who were there were rice farmers, and he meant this, that and the other,” Phin said.

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