India Spice House: How to make a great Indian curry

By Tom Wilson and Samir Anand article In a few weeks, India Spice will open a second location in London.

And it has a very different menu from the one it first opened in London, with a more adventurous spin.

The new India Spice Kitchen is the brainchild of the London-based spice house’s founder, Ravi Shankar, and is designed to serve up flavours and aromas that are not so easily found in other curry houses, such as the Thai, Moroccan and Turkish flavours.

It’s also the first place in the UK to have a “spicer” section, which will include spiced meats, vegetables and dairy products.

The Indian food blog Curry and Ale shared a look inside the restaurant, which includes a “Spicer Bar” where customers can pick their own spice blend, and a “Rice Bar” to enjoy rice and curry with a glass of their own.

There is also a new “Chili Bar”, where diners can also buy a variety of curry chilies.

“The new India is much different from the past and it’s very fresh and fresh and it is very different from what we did in London,” Shankar told New Scientist.

“It’s very much a different concept.”

Shankar first started opening India Spice in India’s capital, New Delhi, in 2012.

The curry house has since expanded to London, New York and Los Angeles, and has also opened in the US, the UK and France.

India Spice, founded in 2000, now has five locations across the UK, including a new one in the capital.

The kitchen is expected to open in a new location in the coming months.

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India’s new restaurant will feature a full menu, which is expected soon.

India is also expanding its spice business, with plans to open a Spice Kitchen in Hong Kong in the near future.

But Shankar said India Spice’s main focus is now to expand its product range.

“We are working on an Indian curry recipe and that’s a big challenge, to find the best ingredients for Indian food,” he said.

“This is one of the challenges we face in our industry.

I’m excited to serve it.””

When we open India Spice we are making a great curry.

I’m excited to serve it.”